Questions & Answers

This is the usual FAQ or Q&A page.  If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please do drop us an email.

Care of Resin Jewelry

Our Resin is mixed and set in small batches, causing differences from batch to batch.  Resin jewelry is not as durable as crystal or even plastic.  It is easily marred, and can even take on an impression from an object or material that it lays in contact with.

Avoid soaking Resin in water for extended periods of time (shower, bath, swimming). Clean with mild soap and running water. Never use a jewellery cleaning solution.  Store your Resin Jewelry face up, and avoid laying other objects or materials on top.  Lastly, wear your Resin Jewelry often – it loves to be worn!

Measurement Guide

We have a measurement guide.  It is here.

Does your Artwork include hanging hardware?

Canvas artworks do not include hanging hardware. Stretched canvas works are not backed, so they could be hung directly on a nail in the wall.
Framed artwork does have hanging hardware attached. The type of hardware varies from frame to frame, as different frames are used for each piece.

What are your Record Bowls made from?

Each bowl is made from an actual Vinyl Record Album, complete with ridges, label, and hole in the center. Don’t worry, we only use records that were no longer wanted. The records used are either donated, or found at thrift stores or yard sales. We’re all about re-purposing and upcycling here!

Why is the shape of each Record Bowl different?

Each bowl is heated and shaped by hand, so no two bowls come out exactly the same. Each bowl is approximately the same size though, so they all hold about the same amount.

Can I wash my Record Bowl?

The vinyl part (the black park) of the record bowl can easily be washed. However it is best to avoid getting the label part wet. A quick wipe with a damp cloth and then immediately drying it will normally be ok, but to much water or rubbing will eventually start to peel or fade the label.

I don’t see the Record Bowl/Notebook I’d like, can I request one?

Abosolutely! Simply e-mail Hillary at with the artist/title you’re looking for. If she doesn’t currently have the bowl or notebook you are looking for on hand, she can put you on a list of records to search for and will then contact you if/when she finds it!

Or if you already have the album you’d like transformed, you can commission a custom Bowl/Notebook. Please see our Commission Page for details.